Strider 12 Balance Bike Review:Strider 12 models comparison


Strider 12 Balance Bike



  • Best “entry-level” balance bike.
  • Patented frame design.
  • The seat and handlebar heights are adjustable.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Comfortable and safe, equipped with a padded seat and a handlebar pad.
  • Foam tires never go flat and maintenance free.
  • The built-in footrests are perfect for learning to balance and glide.
  • A Strider gains you entry to the Strider family which offers multi-activity.
  • Affordability.
  • Accessories and upgrade kits allow for a wide range of customization.


  • Foam tires provide limited traction for off-road riding.
  • Seat post tends to stick out below the bike a few inches when the seat is lowered.

Product description

Strider specializes specifically in Balance Bikes and is the most famous balance bike company in the USA.

The strider 12 families are the best-selling balance bike in the US, With 1 million sold worldwide.

Strider 12 comes in three different models: Strider classic, Strider sport, Strider Pro.
They are all the same size bike and wheels, but seat post length and frame material are different, which make them better suited for different ages.


They all have the patented frame design that creates the ideal rider position for best bike handling.

The wheelbase is only 21 inch. The short wheelbase makes the bike more flexible and the angle of the turn smaller.

Strider is one of the smallest balance bikes on the market. A minimum seat height of 11″makes the lower center of gravity and more stability, which allows kids as young as 18-months to ride.

Strider balance bike size


Strider Classic with 16inch seatpost and lightweight is great for young kids aged 18-months to 3 years old.

The biggest difference between the classic and sport is that the Sport comes with 2 seats: a 16in seatpost for young kids 18-36 months, a padded 19in seatpost for kids aged 2.5 to 5 years old, taller riders. The Strider Pro also comes with 2 Seatpost as Strider Sport.

Strider sport and Strider Pro both plus have Easy-Adjust no tool adjustment of the handlebar and seat heights.

strider balance bike seatpost
Strider balance bike seat height


Handlebar Height of the three models(Strider classic, Strider sport, Strider Pro) is 46 – 56 cm (18 – 22 in.).

Strider classic needs an adjustment tool to adjust the Handlebar Height, while the Strider sport and Strider Pro are no tool adjustment.

Strider balance bike handlebar adjust

Strider classic is Standard Handlebar and Grips.

Strider sport, Strider Pro is Mini-Grip Handlebar that more suited for toddler size.

The diameter of Sport and Pro handlebar is smaller than the Strider classic that the young toddler’s hand can hold it tighter and easily take control.

The handlebar of 12 Sport and pro comes equipped with a handlebar pad, providing an extra level of safety and comfort so they can ride all day long.

The adjustable seat and handlebar make the Strider growing with your child.  The adjustable seat and handlebar height of the Stride – 12 Balance Bike is one of the best in its category.

With a wide range of adjustability, Strider is the best bike for siblings of varying heights to share.

Frame material

The Strider classic and The Strider Sport have the same metal frame.

The material of the frame is steel which is strong, durable, and offers better vibration dampening. Even if the frame material is steel, the weight of the whole bike is only 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs.).

The biggest difference between The Strider Sport and Strider pro is the frame material. The frame material of the Strider Pro is Aluminum alloy which is lightweight, rust-proof, the cream-of-the-crop in bike frames. The weight of the Strider pro is only 5.3lbs.

The aluminum frame makes the Strider pro lighter than The Strider Sport, but The cost of the balance bike has also raised a lot.

Strider frame material

The Strider is one of the lighter balance bikes on the market. The ultra-light weights make the strider easier for toddlers to handle. It’s easier to move over uneven surfaces and easier for them to pick it up after they fall.


The wheels of the three models(Strider classic, Strider sport, Strider Pro) are the same.
They all have the Ultralight One-piece Molded Wheels with Maintenance-Free Sealed Cartridge Bearings and Flat-Free Foam Rubber 12” Tires.

The tires are made of an EVA polymer. They’re extremely lightweight for easy control. Seriously, these foam tires are half the weight of an air-filled tire and inner tube. And they require NO MAINTENANCE, so parents love these tires. They will NEVER go flat and never need to be checked; just grab and go!

But foam tires can’t provide much more traction like air tires, particularly on all-terrain surfaces.


Down on the lower half of the bike, you will see a footrest on the rear fork. Strider’s footrest is non-intrusive and will not interfere with a child’s stride. Kids simply place their heels on the footrest located close to the rear tire.

The Strider classic and Strider sport have the same the built-in footrests that perfect for learning to balance and glide.
The Strider Pro has the Unique, Performance Footrest.


The Strider 12 balance bikes all have no brake. The children stop balance bike by their feet naturally. Stopping is just as easy as starting; they just put their feet down.

For experienced riders, there is an optional foot-operated brake. We don’t recommend it until about age 3 to 4 years old.

Turning Limiters

The 12 Sport comes equipped with a padded seat and a handlebar pad, providing an extra level of safety and comfort so they can ride all day long.

The strider Pro also features a stylish number plates, while Strider classic and Strider sport don’t have.

balance bike turn for 360 degrees

Detail and Appearance

The 12 Sport comes equipped with a padded seat and a handlebar pad, providing an extra level of safety and comfort so they can ride all day long.

The strider Pro also features a stylish number plates, while Strider classic and Strider sport don’t have.

Strider stylish number plates

The bolts on the strider are exposed that may scratch kids’ inner legs while striding or during falls. It is best not to bare legs, when the children are riding.

Strider balance bike bolt

The Strider classic is available in 4 Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, and Red

The Strider sport is available in 7 Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Black.

The strider Pro is only available in Silver.


The Strider 12 Easy to put together within 5 minutes. You just need to put the frame, front fork and handlebar together. The only tool needed is the included Allen wrench.

strider balance bike assenble


The Strider 12 comes with all the high performance design and 2 year factory warranty of the balance bike.

Strider Club

Once you buy a strider bike, you can register your child’s Strider and become a member of the Strider club.

You can gain the experience of learning to ride a bike from the community and Learn-To-Ride Guide available online. The Strider also hosts events such as Camps, Adventure Zones, and the Strider Cup.

Bottom Line

Finally, let’s look at a model comparison chart by Strider Bikes.

the strider 12 model comparison chart

Overall, Strider bikes are well-designed and well-built, we recommend them as the best “entry-level” balance bike.

The Strider Classic is budget-friendly, it’s a great, unembellished choice for the beginner who wants to try a balance bike and haven’t enough budget.

If you have enough budget and make a splash, we recommend the Strider 12 Sport. The strider Sport is our best all-around model, which will grow with your kids even longer.

If you want to take part in racing, we recommend the Strider 12 Pro. The Strider 12 Pro is designed for little racers, the premium Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike is the ultra-light, high-end bike for tiny speed demons who crave the wind in their face and freedom at their fingertips.

The strider 12 is also perfect for future upgrades like a foot brake or air tires.


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