Puzzles are a great learning tool for children as they foster many skills and mental learning advantages and opportunities. 

For example visual perception, problem-solving, short-term memory, spatial and visual imagination;

Puzzles also teach patience and perseverance, and the reward is the satisfaction of the complete image. Puzzles can be a stand-alone activity, but also a great pastime for a group of friends or family.

Your child should be encouraged to play a puzzle at some point in his/her early life.

For toddlers, the puzzle also can promote hands Fine Motor Skill, hand to eye coordination, help them recognize shapes and colors, etc.

However, giving a child too difficult a task may cause boredom or even frustration.

How to choose the right puzzle for children?

Puzzles require three major skills:

  • Fine-motor skill to pick up and place the pieces.
  • Visual discrimination to identify if the pieces fit.
  • Cognitive skill to organize and plan the placing of pieces.

When we choose puzzle for children we should consider the children’s development.

The difficulty of the puzzle should meet the development of the child.

In other words, it can’t be too difficult to cause your child to feel frustrated.

How to assess the difficulty of the puzzle?

The level of difficulty is influenced mainly by factors such as:

  • Number of pieces.
  • The size of the piece.
  • The degree of detail of the picture and color variation.
  • The child's experience with jigsaw puzzles.
  • The quality (cardboard thickness, susceptibility to bending and twisting of the pieces, precision of cutting).
  • Other features that can help in arranging (image contours, piece shapes, etc.).

The same difficulty of the puzzle, there are many themes.

Choosing the theme that your child is familiar with and interested in, which will allow him to play longer and focus. For example, if your baby enjoy cars, we can choose the puzzle with traffic themes.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of puzzle games for kids according to their age, that will not only simplify your life but ensure your child is being challenged appropriately.


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