Hape Scoot Around Ride On



  • Made of solid wood, very sturdy and cute.
  • Four wheels are rubberized, silent operation and protect your floors 
  • Durable child safe bright green paint finish.
  • Movement of the wheel axis is smooth.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Award Winning Product.


  • Detailed assembly required
  • Store in a dry place

Full Review

The Hape Scoot Around ride on Wood Bike with 4 rubberized wheels, which make it is a small, smooth, and steady ride.

It seems just about perfect for 1-years-old, helps them from the walker to the rider.


The Hape Scoot Around ride on With two wheels in front and two wider-set wheels in back, the base is in the back is wider than the base in the front. This structure is solid and stable, can make the toddler reach their legs out in front and pull forward quickly to make it go.

It’s perfect for the kids who can walk in some steady and ready for riding, the perfect “pre-balance” bike!

The child can push the ride on toys forward just using their feet.Even if our smallest and newest riders are confident in it because it’s easy to find your balance.

It’s perfect for kids beginning to test their mobility and develop active motor skills.

Movement of the wheel axis is smooth that makes it easy for kids to ride and go around.

Hape Scoot Around Ride On wheel

We also love that while the Hape’s wheels roll smoothly, they glide at a steady and manageable speed.

Our 12-month-old loves this! It’s one of the best indoor toys. I also have a friend whose 3-year-old still plays with theirs. So, the novelty will last for a few years.


The Handlebar height is 14.76″, Floor to seat height is 228mm or 8.98 inches, It’s small enough for one year old. It’s a perfect fit your child who is closer to 18month size pants, their legs to be long enough to get a good grip to scoot while sitting on the seat.

hape ride on review6


Hape Scoot Around Ride On is only 5.6 pounds. It’s suitable for little children to push it.

Hape Scoot Around is an easy transport toy for trips to the park and perfect for riding around the home. When the child is tired and doesn’t want to ride on it outdoor, the adult easily easy transport the Hape Scoot Around Ride On to home.

Handlebar and Steering

There are green balls capped on handlebars, the green balls confine little hands and guide hand placement.

The steering handle turns the front wheels smooth and easy, requiring very little effort. The turning radius is limited.

On the one hand, this probably makes it more stable, on the other the turning radius is large, making maneuvering difficult at times.

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Handlebar and Steering

Rubberized wheels

The wheels of Hape Scoot Around Ride On are rubberized to protect your floors and ensure that the wheels last longer. This scooter’s rubber wheels won’t leave marks on the floors when your children go for a spin.

It’s silent operation on hardwood floors which is very friendly for tired mum.


This riding toy comes unassembled, but it’s easy to assemble under instruction manual. You do need at least one 13mm wrench and a standard slotted screwdriver, medium size, to assemble it.

There are detailed assembly required, it will take you about 30 minutes assembling the pieces.


Appearance and Detail

The solid wood surface is durable child-safe bright green paint finish, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.

The color combination of various arts is very attractive and appealing to kids, and make this a toy your child will love for years to come.

It is very well-made, and one of those toys I know I will keep for future generations.

Award Winning Product

The Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wooden Bike was the winner of the 2013 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and the 2013 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award.


The frame of the Hape Scoot Around Ride On is made of solid wood. So we should store it in a dry place and can’t wash by the water.

We can clean it in a damp cloth. Exposure in the sunlight is also inappropriate.

hape ride on review9

Bottom Line

The Hape Scoot Around ride on is a stable, and easy ride for your baby. It’s perfect for the youngest new walkers, starting around age 12 months to 24 months. It is very well-made, can keep for future generations. We highly recommended it.


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